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Constructive Interaction: When Getting Messy Pays Dividends

Hosted by John Sandahl on January 22nd @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am PST

In 2020 we continue our focus on the 14 TCI Team Performance Indicators from the team effectiveness model. This month we explore “Constructive Interaction”.

Conflict on teams is normal. It’s often a sign that people care about the process or the results.

Disagreement, heated debate, are signs of passion and conviction—qualities of engaged teams.

What is also true: avoiding conflict is also normal and unattended conflict, over time, is toxic to teams.

The key for those of us who work with teams is to create a safe, supportive, and empowered environment for the benefit of the team.

In the end, well-managed team conflict pays dividends in stronger trust, better decision making, and a more proactive and creative team.

Join us as we explore how to help teams turn the powerful energy of conflict into more effective and resilient team performance, and learn the following:

  • Two fundamental types of conflict—the difference matters
  • Creating safety with rules of engagement
  • Self-management—the coach’s attitude, impact, recovery
  • Team performance benefits when the team owns the process
  • Tips and tools for team coaches: exercises, practices, new process steps

By attending this FREE learning opportunity you’ll gain valuable insights and actionable tips for how to leverage conflict in your work with teams.

Please note that due to demand, our registration is limited to 500 people, so the sooner you can claim a spot the better!

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