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Hosted by John Sandahl on November 18th @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

Optimism: Overlooked, Underappreciated & Powerful

Each month we focus on one of the 14 Team Performance Indicators in our team effectiveness model. This month we focus on “Optimism”.

Optimism. It’s so much more than a smiley-face emoji. It’s one of the strongest factors that define high performing teams. For good reason.

Any team can be positive when things are going well. When things are falling apart and tensions are high, optimistic teams are resilient, proactive and creative because they believe, “we can find a way”.

Optimism is an attitude and mindset. It is built through experience, especially success when the storm blocks out the sun and the waves are coming over the side.

It is fostered by a positive appreciation for team effort and celebration of achievement.

Join this month’s Team Coaching Insights webinar to explore this key Positivity factor—the mindset and energy field it creates.

Bring your own insight and experience with optimism and teams to share with a committed learning community.

    • The risks in advocating for optimism
    • What makes optimism powerful
    • The business case for optimism
    • Stories from the field
    • Tips for team coaches: exercises, practices that foster optimism

By attending this FREE learning opportunity you’ll gain valuable insights and actionable tips for how to increase optimism in your work with teams.

Please note that due to demand, our registration is limited to 500 people, so the sooner you can claim a spot the better!

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