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Improve Employee Productivity With Team Building Activities And Surveys

Improve Employee Productivity With Team Building Activities And Surveys

Published on Dec 17, 2015 by Phillip Sandahl


Employee productivity is a clear sign whether an organization will be successful or not. However, thankfully, there are ways to increase productivity within the organization. With team building activities that emphasize on building a trusting and winning culture, and by assessing the working environment through surveys, leaders will be able to make significant changes in the organization to benefit from team members that are more productive.

Metric surveys and team building activities are essential components for enhancing productivity within a company. Some strategies are listed here:

  • Focus your team: Keeping a team focused is really important. However, managers usually get irritated with the members of their team when they find them not focusing on the right tasks. In order to refocus their teams, leaders must change the way, they use to assess and coach their teams. They should focus on finding the needs of the team instead of focusing on the independent needs of an individual. Team Diagnostic™ is one such approach that help you assess the team as a whole.
  • Focus on trust: Trust is important in any team. Trust builds over time and team members learn to trust one another through interactions. Proper communication must be a key priority. When team members don’t have informal conversations with other team members, they are usually less productive and less effective. To promote trust leaders should spend time on team processes and relationships, encourage open communication and enhance appreciation and recognition among team members.
  • Use team member surveys: In order to invest in people in the team and track progress, use team member surveys to know problem areas and provide actionable solutions. Team 360 View™ is one such diagnostic tool that gives the team measurable feedback from selected stakeholders that will point the way to better team performance. Any team who has done the Team Diagnostic™ can benefit immensely from the Team 360 View™.

Team member productivity either increases profits or detracts from it. Thus, it is essential to focus on team building activities as well as to track progress through online surveys, tools and approaches to increase productivity and see where the organization is strong and healthy, and where high potential improvements can be leveraged.

To know more about Team View 360™ and Team Diagnostic™, feel free to contact Team Coaching International.

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