Pricing & Packages

If you are experienced with group and team facilitation and want to use the four assessment tools, take Understand and Access the Tools and come back later to complete your certification. If you are already a TCI Authorized Facilitator (you took the Team Coaching Intensive) take Accelerated Learning to complete your certification. If you want 3 days of hands on experience in team coaching, you'll want to take The Master class.

Choose the complete certification program and you will have everything you need to build a team coaching business and save $1790 over purchasing separately.

Training Options

Full Certification Program

  • Be recognized in the industry as a Certified Team Performance Coach™
  • This package includes: Understand and Access the Tools, Accelerated Learning and The Master Class
  • Free Team Leader View assessments for Life
  • Credit for a Team Diagnostic™ for up to 8 team members (a $1,000 value)
  • Become a

The Master Class

  • Become a TCI Authorized Facilitator
  • In-person hands-on practice
  • Three full days of team coach training
  • Exercises to use in your team coaching engagements
  • Learn from other experienced team coaches

Accelerated Learning

  • Complete your Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) training or take as a stand alone course
  • Self-study and virtual small group sessions on the tools and methodology
  • Includes six 90-minute small group calls
  • Instruction on delivering the initial session with a team, and effective delivery of ongoing coaching sessions
  • Learn how to market and sell team coaching engagements
  • Includes Understand and Access the Tools
  • Free Team Leader View Assessments for Life

Understand & Access the Tools

  • Become licensed to use all four of the assessments
  • Online study and resource access in Team Coaching University
  • You will learn about the Team Diagnostic™ model
  • Gain an understanding of the four assessment products
  • Become comfortable deploying them to a team or team leader
  • After completing Understand and Access the Tools, you will be able to use the entire suite of TCI's tools in your team coaching engagements.

After completing the entire three-part training, you will become a Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) — and be confident in your ability to market, sell and deliver the complete TCI team coaching methodology.