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Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools

An Integrated Solution

You’ve heard it before: “What gets measured, gets done.” To improve organizational performance as efficiently, and effectively as possible, we start with a diagnostics that clearly shows team strengths and challenges.

TCI offers a suite of four diagnostic tools that provide practitioners with four different ways to approach effective performance. Each tool has a unique purpose, but all four are based on the same model — providing a common language and simple ways to compare results.

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The Four Products

Team Diagnostic coverTeam Diagnostic™ (the original team diagnostic)

  • Creates a self-portrait of the team, drawn by the team
  • A baseline view of the team today and a map for on-going team development
  • Used by thousands of teams worldwide since 2005
  • Available in 20 languages

Click here for a downloadable flyer on the Team Diagnostic™.


Team 360 View coverTeam 360 View™

  • Stakeholders take this assessment to provide anonymous feedback to the target team
  • Provides a candid picture of the team as seen by the people who interact with the team
  • Answers the question, “What do the people who work with us think about our performance?”

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Organization View™

  • A broadly applied measure for a division, a whole organization, a representative sample of an organization
  • Answers the question, “How are we doing as an organization when it comes to key performance factors?”
  • Gives the leadership team invaluable information about the state of the organization, and their leadership of it

Click here for a downloadable flyer on the Organization View™.


Team Leader View™

  • Team Leader View coverAn ideal way to introduce the model to a leader and key decision maker
  • A key component of leadership development: team leadership performance
  • A simple, cost-effective way for a team leader to assess their view of the team, and their own leadership
  • The team leader sees their view of the team and it raises the next obvious question: “This is what I think. What does the team think?

Click here for a downloadable flyer on the Team Leader View™.

The Team 360 View™, Organization View™ and Team Leader View™ are currently available in English. Additional language translations are underway.

We offer Team Diagnostic™ Training & Certification. To use within your own organization and/or as Team Performance Coach™, our three-day or customized course will teach you our methodology and how to effectively help companies outperform their peers.

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