Team Conflict

Team Conflict: How To Turn It Into Trust, Resilience & Results

By Phillip Sandahl

Team conflict is normal. Avoiding team conflict is also normal. We see that tendency when we work with teams and, let’s be honest: we often see it in ourselves. We would rather avoid than engage, even when we know that it can ultimately be a valuable contribution to team performance. The simple truth is unattended…

Teams Navigating VUCA World

Success Factors for Teams Navigating in A VUCA World

By Phillip Sandahl

Organizations today operate in an environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. They operate in a VUCA world. The United States military coined that description to help train leaders in effective response to the challenges of modern battlefield conditions. But those four words also aptly describe the environment in which organizations live and work…

Six Challenges of Coaching Virtual Teams & How to Address Them

By Phillip Sandahl

With the rapid rate of technological innovation over the past couple of decades, the changes we’ve seen in the workplace have been considerable. With increasing frequency, more teams within more organizations are being created with members who are globally dispersed and connected only by technology. As team coaches, we need to learn how to do…

Team as a System

Coaching The Team as a System

By Phillip Sandahl

A team is a living system—more than a collection of individual parts. A team as a system has rules for belonging and behavior. Those rules are not written down in the employee handbook. New team members learn the rules by observing and by touching the hot wire or being rewarded with a pat on the…

Team Development

Team Development: What Does It Mean in Terms of Team Coaching?

By Phillip Sandahl

We’ve all been on teams and observed teams. There is an easy assumption to make that we know what a team is in terms of team development. The reality is, especially in the workplace, the mental model most followed as a team paradigm is way out of date or simply inadequate for the requirements placed…

Team Coaching Discovery Success in Six Steps

By Phillip Sandahl

A successful team coaching project starts with a clear understanding of the need, the fit an agreement on intended outcomes. Both the team coach and the team sponsor know: “where we are; where we’re headed; and how we’ll get there”. We use the placeholder, “team sponsor” for the organization’s role because that initiative may have…