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Team Coaching Blog

Five Essential Competencies For Team Coaching Effectiveness

By Phillip Sandahl

Coaching a team is enormously gratifying work. It can also chaotic, engaging, turbulent, emotional, fun, frustrating, and surprising. All of that in a very short period of time, sometimes simultaneously. Although team coaching shares similarities with individual coaching or executive coaching it is a very different, public environment with layers of relationships and a unique…

The Business Case for Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

For quite a while now there’s been a buzz around the subject of “team coaching” similar to what we saw with individual coaching 10 or 15 years ago. Team leaders, concerned about their own team’s performance, are asking for help and hearing for the first time about team coaching. Internal HR business partners and OD…

What Are The Differences Between Individual and Team Coaching?

By Phillip Sandahl

Based on the interest we’ve seen worldwide in HR and coaching conference topics, social media references and the questions we’re asked on a more frequent basis, curiosity about team coaching is popping up all over. One of the most common questions we’re asked is this: “What are the differences between individual and team coaching and what…

This Team is Not a Well-Oiled Machine. And That’s the Point.

By Phillip Sandahl

What’s wrong with being a “well-oiled machine?” you might ask. “Isn’t that the goal? Smooth-running, friction-free, rolling along”. Here’s the basic problem with that picture: it’s out of date. It applies to a work environment that passed into history at least a generation ago. Only the mindset remains. The structure of work has changed from…

5 Things You Can Do To Build A Better Team

By Alexis Phillips

Find the compelling mission – and you will find common ground. This is relatively straightforward with a project team and may not be so obvious with, for example, a team of regional directors. And yet, the compelling mission is what teams align around when the going gets tough; it is the commitment that is more…

How to Create Google’s Perfect Team

By Phillip Sandahl

You would expect Google to do the search for “what makes great teams?” better than most anyone. These masters of search and analysis were on a quest some years back with that question in mind. Google was motivated by research that shows that software engineers that work together in groups “tend to innovate faster, see…