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Solving the Engagement Puzzle with Teams. This works.

By Phillip Sandahl

With survey after survey, report after report, the same disturbing message gets pinned to the organizational bulletin board: employee engagement is at an all-time low. According to a Gallup survey only 35% of US managers are engaged in their jobs. Another study reports that 69% of employees believe engagement is a problem in their organization. Year after year the results are much the same. The data makes it clear there’s an issue. The good news? […]

Are You a Team? Or a Work Group? Does it Matter?

By Phillip Sandahl

Imagine a continuum with “work group” on one end and “team” at the other With a work group, the group’s mission can be accomplished with each member operating independently. One facilitator / leader at the center of the circle can coordinate the efforts of the group to accomplish results. Except for occasional communication, interaction is not required between group members. Now go to the other end of the continuum for team. In order for the […]

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment Psychometric Analysis Summary

By Phillip Sandahl

Team Coaching International conducted Internal Consistency Reliability and Construct Validity analyses. This psychometric analysis was performed by researchers from the University of Minnesota. The test of Internal Consistency Reliability for each of the 14 Team Performance Indicators™ (TPIs) of the Team Diagnostic™ assessment assesses the degree to which the items pertaining to each TPI are measuring that same TPI. The Internal Consistency Reliability (or Cronbach’s alpha) results demonstrated good levels of reliability overall. On average, […]

Coach, Consultant, Trainer – Wearing Multiple Hats for a Team

By Phillip Sandahl

Here’s the scene. You’re there in a conference room with a team. You just noticed something. The team noticed that you noticed. Now the team is staring at you, waiting for a comment, a question, or a direction to follow. In that moment you have to decide what hat you’re wearing: coach, consultant or in some cases, trainer. The team doesn’t care. All they want are better results. You have that goal in mind of […]

Creating Sustainable High Performing Teams Through Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

For more than 100 years, Wolters Kluwer, CCH has been a leader in providing resources, information and analysis to tax and accounting professionals. As part of their mission, CCH brings to their clients thought-leading articles and topics from leaders in a wide variety of fields. An article appeared in their “Ultimate HR Manual” series that we knew you would enjoy. Creating Sustainable High Performing Teams Through Team Coaching by Michelle Chambers, M.Ed., CHRP, CTDP, ORSC-t Team coaching […]

Team Coaching in Pairs

By Phillip Sandahl

My colleague and I were working with a senior management team from a well-known technol­ogy company. We were in the afternoon of day one of a two-day session. The team was engaged in important conversation about low team scores for Trust and Ac­countability — except for two team members who were clearly not taking this seriously. In fact, they were creat­ing a distraction — at least in my mind — a distraction that was undermining […]

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