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Successful Debrief Delivery Tips

By Phillip Sandahl

Based on years of experience, here is a list of suggestions and tips to help make the team debrief a successful session. If you think of things you would add to this list, please let us know by emailing us here. Have a checklist for supplies and props. Know the dimensions of the room and…

Evaluating Team Profiles

By Phillip Sandahl

The Quad or “Footprint” gives the first impression — a high level view of the team focused on the two primary dimensions: Productivity and Positivity. The goal, of course, is to be a High Productivity/High Positivity (High-High) team — the Blue, upper right corner. Sometimes, after the first Team Diagnostic™, a team reveals itself already…

Preparation for the Initial Session

By Phillip Sandahl

How much prep The amount of time you spend with the coaching report in preparation for your first session is entirely up to you of course. The first few times you prepare for a team you may want to spend an hour or more reviewing the graphics in the report and reading through the responses…

Organization View™

By Phillip Sandahl

There are a range of options in the integrated suite, from an individual Team Leader View™ on one end to the Organization View™ program for large scale client engagements on the other end, with team programs in between. You now have a viable and valuable offering at every level. Over the last few years there…

How to Complete the Prep Form

By Phillip Sandahl

Usually the Team Performance Coach™ (AF) works with the client to gather all of the required information. Highlighted below are areas where the client can help the AF in the deployment process. 1. Tell Us About You: Completed by the AF, about the AF. If you want your coaching company logo on the report, please…

New User Setup

By Phillip Sandahl

If you have not done so already, to set up a portal on the Team Diagnostic™ software system, please download this form and email it to: After we set up your portal on the system, you’ll receive a system-generated email with a temporary password. You’ll then be able to log in and create a…

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