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Team 360 View™

By Phillip Sandahl

The Team 360 View™ program was inspired by a team who did an initial assessment and 8 months later did a follow up assessment to show progress. They were pleased with how they improved and then one team member said, “I wonder if the people we work with every day would score us as high…

Product List and Pricing

By Phillip Sandahl

Standard fees and a number of optional products and services you may wish to utilize in your Team Development Programs are included in this Lesson.1 Team Leader View™ (TLV) The Team Leader View™ is an excellent entry point and sales tool for any of TCI’s diagnostic programs. Meant for a single user, the TLV gives…

Drafting an Effective Proposal

By Phillip Sandahl

Overview A proposal is a selling document. An effective proposal needs to accurately state the compelling need and your solution. In that order: first, highlight the need, then how your plan addresses the need. Your discovery work with the team leader or team sponsor gave you the storyline, now you replay that storyline and remind…

Pricing and Terms for Team Coaching Engagements

By Phillip Sandahl

This lesson is aimed primarily at independent coach/consultants with a professional services business. Internal coaches/facilitators/practitioners will have pricing and budget considerations too so the fundamental questions still apply to determine the scope of a project. Let’s start with the obvious disclaimer: in answer to the question, “What should the expected fee be for a team…

Making the Pitch: The Value Proposition for Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

The handshake seals the deal. It represents more than agreement or contract, it represents a mutual benefit achieved: both parties, value for value exchanged. Getting to the handshake can be a winding road with many starts and stops. We especially want to avoid the stops. A clear, strong, value proposition will get you to the…

Creating Sustainable High Performing Teams Through Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

For more than 100 years, Wolters Kluwer, CCH has been a leader in providing resources, information and analysis to tax and accounting professionals. As part of their mission, CCH brings to their clients thought-leading articles and topics from leaders in a wide variety of fields. An article appeared in their “Ultimate HR Manual” series that…

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