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Team Coaching Blog

Making the Pitch: The Value Proposition for Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

The handshake seals the deal. It represents more than agreement or contract, it represents a mutual benefit achieved: both parties, value for value exchanged. Getting to the handshake can be a winding road with many starts and stops. We especially want to avoid the stops. A clear, strong, value proposition will get you to the…

Creating Sustainable High Performing Teams Through Team Coaching

By Phillip Sandahl

For more than 100 years, Wolters Kluwer, CCH has been a leader in providing resources, information and analysis to tax and accounting professionals. As part of their mission, CCH brings to their clients thought-leading articles and topics from leaders in a wide variety of fields. An article appeared in their “Ultimate HR Manual” series that…

Team Coaching in Pairs

By Phillip Sandahl

My colleague and I were working with a senior management team from a well-known technol­ogy company. We were in the afternoon of day one of a two-day session. The team was engaged in important conversation about low team scores for Trust and Ac­countability — except for two team members who were clearly not taking this…

Breaking the Code on High Performing Teams

By Phillip Sandahl

Most people in organizations, if they’ve been around long enough, have been on a great team or maybe two, a number of so-so teams, and a few disappointing teams. It’s easy to conclude that the difference between them is simply the membership. That’s often how team leaders approach poorly performing teams: replace the weak or…

Correlation Between Positivity & Business Performance

By Alexis Phillips

Interesting and fundamental research on the correlation between positivity and business performance was conducted by Marcial Losada and Emily Heaphy in 2004, when they studied The Role of Positivity and Connectivity in the Performance of Business Teams.* In their study, the interactions of 60 business teams were observed during meetings and thousands of behaviors and…

Grooming Global Teams for Success

By Alexis Phillips

, a quarterly magazine for in-house corporate communications and public relations in Europe, had a fabulous article last year by Laura Bacci and we have a reprint for you to download (the magazine is a free subscription). We thought it worthwhile to post this since Ms. Bacci timeless wisdom is so worthwhile and we were quite…