Understand & Access the Tools

Course Overview

  • This is a self-study, online course. Your pace. Your convenience. Any time. Anywhere.
  • This course is included as part of our Certification Program package.
  • Must complete this course before beginning Accelerated Learning or attending The Master Class.
  • Includes one Team Leader View™ assessment and debrief of the coaching report with TCI faculty ($250 value)
  • 13 ICF CCEU’s: 3 hours core competency and 10 hours of resource development.
  • The time commitment to complete the online course 5-12 hours.

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Utilize All Four Assessments

Understand & Access the Tools allows you to use all four assessments:

  • Team Diagnostic™ – The original, used by thousands of teams around the world since 2004. Available in more than 20 languages.
  • Team 360 View™ – Anonymous, unfiltered feedback to the team from key stakeholders that a team interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Team Leader View™ – A simple and inexpensive way for team leaders to assess their own vision of the team they lead, and the impact of their leadership.
  • Organization View™ – A broad view of the entire organization or a representative sample of it. The assessment measures both the strengths of Productivity and Positivity that define organizational performance.

The program includes 5 distinct lessons:

  1. Foundation – The Team Diagnostic Model™
  2. Suite of 4 Integrated Assessment Tools
  3. Team Coaching Process
  4. Deployment Process
  5. Revealing Assessment Results/ Action Planning

Completion Requirements:

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