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“The business case speaks for itself: a focused, aligned, committed and high-performing team. I believe the Team Diagnostic™ assisted me in creating a high-performing team for a very critical project, which I am leading for Johnson & Johnson.”

-Marc Hooyberg, Project Manager
Johson & Johnson


“The Team Diagnostic™ and coaching dramatically accelerated
 a critical change management process, and instilled a new culture 
in our IT organization during a mission critical period.
This is team development that gets long term, measurable results.”

-Karin Catton, CIO and Global VP I.T. Norgren


"Without trying to sound too dramatic — I’d credit the [TCI’s] team coaching sessions 
as the turning point on this project. Without this training, my project team
 would have failed because we could not get out of the starting blocks.”

-Matt McGoff, Program Manager

Team Coaching Case Studies


See how a leadership team, facing major changes, went from silos and lack of trust to deep communications and phenomenal growth.

Turning Chaos
into Clarity

Discover how a team went from confusion and a victim mentality to stronger alignment and more effective decision-making.

From Resentment to Respect

Learn how a team overcame toxic communication and achieved more openness and a double-digit increase in sales.

Corporate Development

Team coaching is ideal for creating sustainable change.

Our unique assessments, used in thousands of companies, help a team see where they really are. From there, TCI-certified coaches guide them as they move from a collection of individuals into a singular, unstoppable force.

You can bring this powerful work into your organization through, TCI-certified coaches, available worldwide, our comprehensive training and tools, and internal training for team coaching groups.

Executive Team Coaches

TCI’s tools and training create powerful, actionable conversations that can raise teams to new heights.

Whether you’re a certified coach, a facilitator or trainer, or an HR or OD specialist, you can add valuable new expertise through our rigorous team coaching certification program. You’ll gain insights and experience that will set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Look at the TCI team effectiveness model and the coaching report and you’ll see what we mean. Our approach leads instantly to deep team conversations that provide compelling insights, and a language is that teams already use when they talk about what’s working, and what isn't.

Common Questions About Our Training & Tools

The assessments measure 14 factors across two dimensions — Productivity and Positivity. The 20-minute assessment covers 80 questions, with an additional five open-ended questions. Once every team member has completed the assessment, the scores are aggregated to produce the team’s scores. From there, we give you a report that ranges from a simple, but powerful matrix plotting Productivity and Positivity scores to a Polar Diagram showing each of the 14 factors to charts of the flow of responses and which factors show common strengths and areas that need work. You can download a copy of the Team Diagnostic™ report (in English) here. To receive a sample report from one of our other products (or other available languages), please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a copy.

Yes! We can offer a no-obligation Team Leader View™ (TLV) assessment to you so you have a real-world example of the kinds of insights that are available when you use the Team Diagnostic™ assessment. The TLV will identify where you see your team from both a high-level view and a granular, ground-level perspective. It can also be particularly powerful to overlay your TLV with the results of your team’s assessment. To set up time to do a TLV or discuss our Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) program feel free to schedule a call with our Chief Coaching Officer.

There are three parts to the training: 1) a self-guided, five-lesson online learning module that concludes with an hour-long one-on-one session with TCI faculty; 2) an eight-lesson + six-week Group Call module (via Zoom videoconference), where you’ll cover team coaching topics in detail and share insights with other team coaches in training; and 3) a three-day in-person course, delivered at sites around the world giving you a deeper dive on how to coach teams and gives you experiential practice you can use right away. On completion of all three components, you will receive TCI's Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) designation, as well as 60 ICF CCEUs.

Due to COVID-19, our 3 day Master Class is being held as a virtual course via Zoom. Understand and Access the Tools is entirely online, e-learning. Accelerated Learning is a combination of online and virtual group calls via Zoom.

For all students in-progress, there is a monthly “office hours” open-session hosted by TCI faculty. Questions might focus on course content, practice development or addressing a sticky team coaching situation. In addition, all graduates of TCI training are invited to attend monthly Alumni sessions: an open-forum for team coaching conversation and an opportunity to share best practices with experienced coaches.

TCI course materials also include a wide array of marketing materials and practice development tools.

The demand for competent, effective team coaching continues to grow. As more and more organizations emphasize teamwork as the means to improve results, it is increasingly clear that there is a need for qualified team coaches with a passion for making a difference with teams. TCI has been training team coaches worldwide since 2006. It is our only focus and mission.