Measurable Results

What would a 20% improvement in team performance mean to you?

That 20% improvement figure comes from TCI data over the last 10 years. We compare 14 Team Performance Indicators™ (TPI) indicated in the graphic below, from “before” team coaching and “after” team coaching.


Our data shows less than 10% of teams rate themselves as high performing before team coaching, leaving 90% of teams needing help to improve. Comparing the highest performing teams “after” coaching with average teams “before” coaching, we see a 44% improvement. We believe that “what gets measured gets improved.” Our data proves it.

Fill out the form and download our Team Coaching Case Studies, and you’ll not only see 20% improvement in TPIs, but real improvement in business metrics.

Here are descriptions of the case studies with one significant improvement pulled from each of them:

  • Large Healthcare System - Improved patient satisfaction ratings from 18th percentile to 82nd percentile
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical - 34% increase in productivity, 52% in positivity
  • Consumer Goods - Engagement scores went to 4.9 out of 5.0, highest in five years
  • Telecommunications Small Team - “We trust, no one gossips, we follow the team contract”
  • Telecommunications Large Team - A high performing stable team moved to the next level
  • Finance - Fiscal results increased 40%, staff levels down 10%
  • Energy Company - Record revenue and profitability
  • Education - 24% increase in productivity and 32% in positivity
  • Private Dentistry Practice - 97% improvement in productivity and 107% in positivity
  • Large Health Care Call Center - Service level went from 49% to 75%
  • Healthcare Center - The entire hospital received one of the best scores they have ever received from a Joint Commission survey
  • Surgical Service Leadership - 65% improvement in positivity including an 87% improvement in Trust
  • National Food Retailer - 10% increase in sales
  • Global Manufacturing Company IT Project - 3rd attempt at SAP project finishes on-budget and on-time

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