What is a Community of Practice & Why Should I Join One?

Do you find many leaders of teams who are not aware of “team coaching” and the value it has in creating high performing teams? Are you operating a team coaching practice and wondering how others manage the “business aspects” of it? Are you curious to know what resources are out there that could support you in your team coaching work? Do you like to collaborate with others? Are you looking for case studies and stores […]

Communication on Teams

How To Improve Team Communication with Active Listening

In today’s business world the importance of effective team communication is indisputable. What’s also beyond dispute is that the increasing rate of daily business activity presents a challenge to communication on teams. But speed alone is hardly the only aspect of communication that is putting pressure on teams. Add to the equation new forms of communication, greater distance, and virtual dependency. There was a time when the speakerphone in the middle of the conference room […]


Improve Accountability on Teams in 4 Simple Steps

As team coaches, we face many challenges in our work with teams, often at once. Low trust, poor communication and lack of alignment are but a few of them. Where those factors are clear to the team as the discussion begins to take place, others aren’t. Among the more misunderstood factors is achieving accountability as a team. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of accountability is as follows: An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or […]

Teams Navigating VUCA World

5 Keys to Successful Navigation in a VUCA World

The world we live and work in is increasingly a world that can be easily described as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. As an acronym, a VUCA World. The US military coined that terminology to help train leaders in effective response to modern battlefield conditions. But those four words also aptly describe the environment in which organizations do business every day. A quick internet search of “VUCA” will yield dozens of articles on the topic […]

Team Conflict

How To Turn Team Conflict Into Trust, Resilience & Results

Team conflict is normal. Avoiding team conflict is also normal. We see that tendency when we work with teams and, let’s be honest: we often see it in ourselves. We would rather avoid than engage, even when we know that it can ultimately be a valuable contribution to team performance. The simple truth is unattended team conflict, over time, cripples the team’s ability to effectively collaborate. All sorts of bad behavior results, much of it […]


6 Challenges of Coaching Virtual Teams & How to Address Them

With the rapid rate of technological innovation over the past couple of decades, the changes we’ve seen in the workplace have been considerable. With increasing frequency, more teams within more organizations are being created with members who are globally dispersed and connected only by technology. As team coaches, we need to learn how to do our work in an ever growing virtual world which means coaching virtual teams. That’s the reality. From the organization’s point […]

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