The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment Psychometric Analysis Summary

Team Coaching International conducted Internal Consistency Reliability and Construct Validity analyses. This psychometric analysis was performed by researchers from the University of Minnesota. The test...
Coach, Consultant, Trainer – Wearing Multiple Hats for a Team

Coach, Consultant, Trainer – Wearing Multiple Hats for a Team

Here’s the scene. You’re there in a conference room with a team. You just noticed something. The team noticed that you noticed. Now the team...

Creating Sustainable High Performing Teams Through Team Coaching

For more than 100 years, Wolters Kluwer, CCH has been a leader in providing resources, information and analysis to tax and accounting professionals. As part...

Team Coaching in Pairs

My colleague and I were working with a senior management team from a well-known technol­ogy company. We were in the afternoon of day one of...

Breaking the Code on High Performing Teams

Most people in organizations, if they’ve been around long enough, have been on a great team or maybe two, a number of so-so teams, and...

Correlation Between Positivity & Business Performance

Interesting and fundamental research on the correlation between positivity and business performance was conducted by Marcial Losada and Emily Heaphy in 2004, when they studied...
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