What does TCI offer?

TCI has developed a world-class approach to team development that includes the Team Diagnostic™--a convenient online survey, combined with a proven methodology to integrate new learning and behavior in the team. And we can deliver this approach or train you to, virtually anywhere in the world.

What distinguishes the work you do?

Start with vast experience. TCI has a cadre of Premier Team Performance Coaches™ trained to help develop a high-performance team culture. Our coaches have an average of more than 10 years coaching experience; together they have conducted hundreds of team performance coaching assignments.

Organizations depend on metrics and with the Team Diagnostic we can show measurable results over time. TCI also stands apart as a global resource with Team Performance Coaches worldwide and the Team Diagnostic assessment is in 22 languages. Multi-cultural teams have the option to have team members select their preferred language from the list.

What is your track record?

We now have the data from thousands of teams. The record speaks for itself: on average, a 20% improvement in team performance measures. To see a selection of team coaching success stories using this approach go to measurable results. Learn about the extraordinary progress teams are making and how they speak about the experience.

How does this work as a practical matter?

TCI will match you with a coach who knows your industry, speaks your language and has shown leadership in business and organizations. We will work with you to design and manage the coaching engagement.

We can work with senior management or the board of directors to create a plan for sustainable, high performing teams throughout the organization—a powerful, systemic commitment to organizational success. We can deliver the TCI training in-house for internal coaches, HR, and OD professionals. Working together we can design a SAS license and private-label the assessment and support materials. We have done all of these different options with companies.

Tell me about ROI for your work.

We’ll answer this one with a question: what would a 20% improvement in team performance measures mean to your business or your team’s results? The success stories demonstrate real-world improvement in business measures—it’s one of the areas we emphasize when we start our work with teams. “How will you measure success in metrics that matter to the business?”

This approach is not just about teams getting along better. That’s part of the goal naturally. Teams that work collaboratively are more effective. Just as important is improvement to the business. Our approach values both Productivity and Positivity. The interconnection of these two dimensions is what delivers better team results.


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