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TCI’s Industry-Leading Methodology Catapults Teams to Peak Performance

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Team Performance Indicators™

TCI’s team performance methodology is built on a research-based platform of 14 Team Performance Indicators™ (TPIs). Assessment scores in these key areas clearly, and quickly reveal where to invest time and money to improve team performance. Team coaching sessions become a learning and development environment to improve in these key areas.


We measure what matters to teams in language that teams already use when they look at, “How are we doing?” They talk about:

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These are the factors that are necessary in order for the team to get the job done. Scores in these 7 areas show the capacity of the team to be productive. These are the team’s Productivity Strengths.


Teams know that the culture of the team has the power to support extraordinary collaboration or to undermine it. They know the conditions necessary for effective work together. They talk about:

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These are the factors that support cooperation, collaboration and cohesion on the team. They form the culture of the team. They are the Positivity Strengths.

We provide best-practice insight, consulting and skills training based on these 14 Team Performance Indicators. We work with the team to create an action plan and then support the team to stay on track.

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