The Master Class Online

Your Next Step Toward Team Coaching Mastery

This online, experiential course emphasizes practice with team coaching skills and competencies using real team scenarios, and exercises you can use with teams based on the TCI team effectiveness model.

In The Master Class you learn in the company of other experienced team coaches, sharing experiences and best practices. You leave much better equipped to work effectively with teams.

The Master Class Includes

  • Six-days of hands-on practice with the tools and methodology

  • Networking with other experienced team coaches

  • Practice with the 5 team coaching competencies & associated team coaching skills

  • 12 exercises to use in team coaching assignments

  • Participation in 10 coaching sessions as both a team coach & team member.

  • Access to our Digital Library

  • 21.00 Core Competency + 3.25 Resource Development


It is highly recommended that you have experience working with a team using the Team Diagnosticâ„¢ assessment. You will benefit the most from The Master Class with your own real-world experience to draw on and share with other experienced team coaches.

Coaches: To register, you should have completed at least 40 hours of coach training through an ICF-accredited coaching program and have more than 100 hours of one-on-one executive coaching and have experience working with teams or groups.

Non-Coaches: To register you should have extensive experience working with groups or teams as a trainer, facilitator, consultant or team building practitioner.


You must have completed the online courses Understand & Access the Tools (UAT) & Accelerated Learning (AL) before taking The Master Class.

Praise for The Master Class

Enroll Now for Just (US)$3,590

October 23rd - November 7th

  • Day 1: Monday, October 23rd

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

  • Day 2: Tuesday, October 24th

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

  • Day 3: Monday,October 30th

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

  • Day 4: Tuesday, October 31st

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

  • Day 5: Monday, November 6th

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

  • Day 6: Tuesday, November 7th

    8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)

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