j&j“The business case speaks for itself: a focused, aligned, committed and high-performing team. I believe the Team Diagnostic™ model and assessment assisted me in creating a high-performing team for a very critical project, which I am leading for Johnson & Johnson.”

Marc Hooyberg, Project Manager, Johnson & Johnson

norgren“The Team Diagnostic™ and coaching dramatically accelerated
 a critical change management process, and instilled a new culture 
in our IT organization during a mission critical period.
This is team development that gets long term, measurable results.”

Karin Catton, CIO and Global VP I.T., Norgren

P&G“Without trying to sound too dramatic — I’d credit the [TCI’s] team coaching sessions 
as the turning point on this project. Without this training, my project team
 would have failed because we could not get out of the starting blocks.”

Matt McGoff, Program Manager, P&G


coach1"This team had a big eye-opening about what hasn't been working. In the end, this process was a catalyst for shaking things up and moving the team in a more positive and productive direction."

coach3"Complete cultural transformation. Improvement in collaborative behavior. Resolution of previously "intractable" problems. Complete "saved the company" by turning around a dysfunctional executive team."

coach2"During the follow-up meetings I ask them to identify the impact of their new way of doing things in their job and results. There are two type of impact:

•The way they function and their procedures that impact in more efficiency in meetings, decision making, getting things done, impacting others.

•The way they interact: more listening and respecting each other, more free and open to share information, getting on better, better atmosphere at work, increasing their bonds. Therefore working better together."

coach4"They have had exponential improvement. The team I worked with moved from a high productivity/lower positivity team to a high/positivity high/productivity team.

They improved trust scores by over 60% and alignment by over 53%. It was a HUGE success! There was not only team growth but individual growth and development as well. Engagement scores were the highest percentage increase of any team in the company."

coach5"Very clear increase in informal communications and commitment to give each other feedback. The team leader is very pleased to see that ALL the Action Planning items are owned by team members, not her and all of the team members are working directly with each other."

coach6"Managers reported that staff were far more resilient around major organisational changes that occurred straight after team coaching process had finished and continued to lead in mature ways under pressure."