The Story of Co-Active Coaching

Phil Sandahl, CCOMy journey with coaching began in 1996. It was a career transition from a successful, 16-year career as a freelance writer, writing business-to-business projects. That year I took my first coaching course from two of the founders of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and felt I had found a new home.

My first coach was Karen Kimsey-House, one of CTI’s founders. She knew I was a writer. She also knew that Laura Whitworth, another of the founders, had a publisher ready to publish a book on coaching.

Apparently progress on completing a draft was slow. In the summer of 1997 Laura approached me with a question. “I’m writing a book on coaching and Karen says you’re a writer. Would you be interested in helping?” I said, “Sure. Send me what you’ve got.” As a freelance writer I’d been approached by other authors and it usually meant, “I have a manuscript. Would you take a look at it?” What Laura sent me was a one-page outline.

That’s why I have said, 16 years as a freelance writer prepared me to write Co-Active Coaching with the founders of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

At that time, 1997, the three founders were busy delivering the coach training and building what would become the world’s largest in-person training for coaches. Working remotely with Laura, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, the first edition was published in 1998. It’s based on the model and method created by the three founders. I am proud to have contributed in important ways, giving voice to this work—sometimes sorting through the different opinions of three very strong personalities.

We updated the book in 2007, keeping pace with the changes in the coaching profession and expanding the applications of coaching skills to non-coaches. We updated again for the third edition in 2010 with an even broader view of professional coaching and the way it is “Changing Business” and “Transforming Lives.” With the publication of the fourth edition in 2018 the book offers yet more valuable insights into how to maximize your impact as a coach.

Today there are more than 100,000 copies in print in more than 10 languages and it is the recognized text in business schools, colleges and universities, and many coach training organizations.

4th Edition Now Available

Coactive Coaching

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