Team Leader View™

One powerful tool with two purposes:
to provide a view of the team & the impact of leadership

The pressure is on every team and team leader to continuously improve team performance.

Now there is a simple process to jump start that effort: the Team Leader View™ — a tool to leverage the most fundamental wisdom of leadership: what gets measured gets managed.

This convenient online diagnostic gives team leaders a way to compare their view of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, to a proven model of team effectiveness used by thousands of teams worldwide.

The diagnostic also shifts the mindset from leadership of individual performers, to leadership of the team as a whole. After all, at the end of the day this is how leaders are measured: by the results of the team. A leader may be a great communicator but that is inconsequential if the team doesn’t communicate well.

In this way the Team Leader View™ is also leadership feedback. For team leaders it is a measure of the impact of their leadership.

Team Leader Competency

This person communicates effectively with colleagues, team members and stakeholders

Leader Competency

Team Leadership Competency

Effective communication is a hallmark within the team and with stakeholders

Leadership Competency

The Team Leader Viewis a diagnostic tool based on the same proven model as the Team Diagnostic. The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete; the resulting report provides leaders with clear direction for team improvement based on their view of team performance.

For example, it’s not enough that the team's leader is personally effective at setting goals and strategies to achieve them. If the team does not have the same strength there is room for leadership improvement.

The Team Diagnostic model looks at two dimensions:

Neccessary Conditions

The model defines seven attributes in each of these two areas:

Team Peformance Indicators

Teams that excel at both are high performing and sustainable: creative, adaptable and resilient.

The Team Leader Viewis a powerful lens that quickly and effectively outlines the development opportunities for team leadership.

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Team Diagnostic Chart
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