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Alignment: The Power to Synchronize Team Performance

Hosted by TCI on October 30th @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT

Learn How to Increase Alignment on Teams!!!

Each month we focus on one of the 14 Team Performance Indicators in our Team Effectiveness Model and this month we focus on "Alignment".

​It’s safe to say we are all on the same page with this: alignment plays an extremely important role in team effectiveness.

​​It’s often most visible on teams in vertical alignment and assumed or overlooked on the horizontal – until the impact of misalignment hits the fan.

Experience shows it’s not always easy for teams to find alignment. Team members come from different, often strongly held points of view.

Join this month’s Team Coaching Insights webinar to explore how to help teams find common ground on a moving platform:

  • Alignment up, down, and especially sideways
  • Two key dimensions: Purpose and Destination
  • The challenge inherent in “how we get there”
  • The importance of alignment: what high performing teams teach us
  • Tips for team coaches: exercises, practices, new process steps

By attending this FREE learning opportunity you'll gain valuable insights and actionable tips for how to increase alignment in your work with teams.

Please note that due to demand, our registration is limited to 500 people, so the sooner you can claim a spot the better!

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