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Coaching Virtual Teams: Sharing the Community’s Wisdom & Experience

Hosted by John Sandahl & Michelle Chambers on May 6th @ 6:00 am - 7:15 am PDT

About This Webinar

Back by popular demand is last month’s hugely attended webinar on this most timely topic: coaching virtual teams.

Teams and team coaches across the globe are making the transition to a technology-based gathering.

There are team coaches for whom the virtual environment is familiar territory and many coaches on a sharp learning curve. Items covered are as follows:

  • Technology and basic guidelines
  • Creating a team coaching environment—different from standard meeting
  • Team agreements revisited for the virtual team
  • Handling emotion. Normalizing when there is no normal.
  • Role of the team coach

In the face of a worldwide pandemic, the theme that we hear so often is, “We are in this together.” As a global community of team coaches this webinar is one small way we can come together to make a difference.

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