Team Diagnostic Coaching Certification 


The road to becoming a Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach™ (CTPC) starts here.

Since 2006, we've trained thousands of team coaches from around the world with our practical, proven, repeatable process for coaching teams using our proprietary methodology and suite of Team and Organizational diagnostic products. TCI was the first coaching company to offer a team coaching certification, the Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC).

Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach™ Program

Expand your team coaching toolkit with tools  and a Team Coaching Certification Program that are:

Practical. Proven. Measurable.

There is a reliable way to help teams move from where they where they want to be. The process starts with a clear picture of where the team is today—awareness of team strengths and areas that need attention.

Team Coaching International 's Team Diagnostic™  and Certification give you the tools to succeed.

Used by more than 1,000 teams worldwide and in 22 languages this is an approach that is proven in the real world of teams. If you have a passion for working with teams, having an impact, helping teams to work better together as they deliver results—we share that passion and have the tools to support you. Tools that deliver measurable results with teams, team leaders and organizations. The goal is obvious: improved business results. What’s the pathway for that?

Our Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach Certification™ (CTPC) program provides you with a way to work with the team as a whole, as a system. Certification trains you in our proprietary methodology and  certifies you to use our suite of 4 integrated diagnostic tools. 


This is an approach that speaks to teams because it speaks the everyday language of teams. Team members see their results and immediately begin the conversation. The Team Diagnostic™ model also speaks to the team as a system. It shifts the focus from one-on-one relationships to the needs and challenges “of our team” as a whole. This is a practical, repeatable approach that sets a starting point, a pin in the map of “you are here,” and provides a roadmap for ongoing development.


The Team Diagnostic™ has now been used with more than 50,000 teams worldwide and is in 22 languages. This is an approach with a track record that delivers an average 19% increase in team performance measures.


The Team Diagnostic™ gives teams a way to measure their improvement and gives organizations the metrics they want. Organizations know, “What gets measured gets improved”.  We have the case studies that show the numbers.

Team Coaching International- Suite of Diagnostic Products

  • Team Diagnostic™.The original. The team as a whole system.
  • Team Leader View™.A way for team leaders to assess their view of the team, and a reflection of the team leader’s leadership.
  • Team 360 View™. Stakeholders provide feedback to the target team. How are we perceived?
  • Organization View™. A culture and performance, Productivity and Positivity portrait created by the organization as a whole or a subset of the organization.

Based on the same fundamental model, each of the 4 Diagnostic tools provide a unique Insight across the organization. Upon successful completion of The Master Class, Accelerated Learning and our  included Understand and Access the Tools™ course, you will become a Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach™(CTPC), authorized to use the Team Coaching International, suite of Diagnostic Products.

Included with The Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach program:

  • Online resources:Includes an extensive library of articles, sales and marketing materials, comparison data, case studies.
  • A FREE Team Diagnostic for up to 8 team members. ($1000 value) A follow-up diagnostic for the same team is also included to show team improvement over time.
  • A Team Leader View deployment and debrief, one-on-one with senior faculty ( $500 value) 
  • Access to our monthly Graduate Webinars

The price for the Certified Team Diagnostic Performance Coach program is $5,495.00 (Payment plans are available)

Your certification training consists of two instructor led experiential virtual courses. You will begin with  The Master Class Course followed by the Accelerated Learning Course.  The description and the dates for the courses are below. Please select your dates for both the Master Class and Accelerated Learning courses.

The Master Class

This virtual, experiential course emphasizes practice with team coaching skills and competencies. We use real team scenarios and exercises you can use with teams based on the TCI team effectiveness model. In The Master Class you learn in the company of other experienced team coaches, sharing experiences and best practices. You leave much better equipped to work effectively with teams.

Hours and Dates:

8am-12pm PDT / 11am-3pm EDT / 5pm-9pm CEST (4 Hours)
May 6th - May 21st, Monday & Tuesday
September 10th- September 25th, Tuesday & Wednesday

The Master Class Includes:
  • Six online classes of hands-on practice with the tools and methodology
  • Networking with other experienced team coaches
  • Practice with the 5 team coaching competencies & associated team coaching skills
  • 12 exercises to use in team coaching assignments
  • Participation in 10 coaching sessions as both a team coach & team member.
  • Access to our Digital Library
  • 24.25 ICF CCEU'S: 21.00 Core Competency Hours and 3.25 hours of resource development

Accelerated Learning

It is necessary to have completed the Master Class prior to enrolling in Accelerated Learning.
Accelerated Learning delivers comprehensive content and practice coaching in a compact 6-week cohort, with a combination of self-study and group calls. This course provides a deeper understanding of the Team Diagnostic™ model and TCI methodology led by experienced TCI faculty, recorded webinars, and practice coaching. Accelerated Learning covers the complete process from sales and delivery to completion.

Hours and Dates:

10:30am-12:00pm PT / 1:30pm 3:00pm ET / 7:30pm-9:00pm CET (1.5 hours)
May 8th – June 12th, Wednesday
August 27th - October 1st, Tuesday
October 8th – November 12th - Wednesday

Course Overview
  • Blended Learning Environment Self-study and group coaching calls.
  • Weekly Group Calls Six consecutive weekly group calls with set course dates at registration.
  • Low Coach To Student Ratio Limited to 12 participants per group.
  • Team Coaching University Membership Lifetime membership in our Team Coaching University (TCU), with unlimited access to our extensive digital library.
  • Substantial Weekly Engagement With self-study, call preparation, and group calls, we estimate a time commitment of 5-8 hours per week to complete this course.
  • 27.50 ICF CCEU’s: 16.75 core competency hours and 10.75 hours of resource development.

$5,495.00 available on subscription from $947.00 / month for 6 months

Hear What Others Have To Say About Certification

The Team Coaching International Team Diagnostic Certification Program includes all of our courses for just $5,495.00.

Words of Praise From Our Graduates


"This team had a big eye-opening about what hasn't been working. In the end, this process was a catalyst for shaking things up and moving the team in a more positive and productive direction."



"They've had exponential improvement, improving trust scores by over 60% and alignment by over 53%. It was a HUGE success. Engagement scores were the highest of any team in the company."

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