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Communication: The Superpower of Teams

Hosted by John Sandahl & Michelle Chambers on March 27th @ 8:00 am PDT

Clear and effective communication within a team is critical to a team's success. 

When present it's a kind of superpower that teams can enlist to overcome almost any obstacle.

All too often, however, we find that it remains an untapped resource that prevents teams from achieving their most pressing goals.

We invite you to join us in the conversation during this month's webinar "Communication: The Super Power of Teams". 

​​In this exciting edition of our monthly Team Coaching Insights Webinars exciting you'll learn the following:

  • Common challenges teams experience that hinder effective communication
  • The keys to more efficient team communication
  • As team coaches, what have we been able to observe?
  • Practical tips to improve communication on teams

Please note that our webinars have become very popular and registration for this webinar is limited to 500 people, so the sooner you register the better.

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