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Goals & Strategies: Adapting Familiar Tools for a Disruptive World

Hosted by TCI on August 28th @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT

Improve Team Effectiveness Around Goals & Strategies!!!

Somewhere in the corporate archives is a bookshelf loaded with 3-ring binders labelled, “Five Year Plans”.

We find it amusing that there was a time when thoughtful management could plan with reasonable confidence a stable business and marketplace extending that far into the future.

Today’s teams need the adaptability, flexibility, and resilience to alter course quickly as the winds of business-needs change abruptly.

The core skills for setting goals to achieve strategic success are still relevant; they just need an update.

Join this month’s Team Coaching Insights webinar to “download the update” and learn the following:

  • How to make SMART goals smarter
  • The importance of systemic fit and the dangers of planning in isolation
  • Where teams most frequently stumble creating goals and strategic vision
  • Innovation in this time-honored business practice (ex: Agile development)
  • Tips for team coaches: exercises, practices, new process steps

By attending this FREE learning opportunity you'll gain valuable insights and actionable tips for how to improve goals and strategies in your work with teams.

Please note that due to demand, our registration is limited to 500 people, so the sooner you can claim a spot the better!

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