How to Check In With Yourself Using the TCI Model

By Alexis Phillips

I hope this letter finds you healthy and thriving,

Have you ever used the TCI model to check in with yourself, to assess what quadrant you might be occupying at any given moment? Checking to identify your challenges/opportunities? I often use the TCI quad as a way to reframe my state of consciousness in any given moment. Phil and I would frequently use the exercise below to quickly check in with each other before starting a meeting.

Checking In With Yourself

Try this out for yourself. It’s as simple as:

1. Choose something you are working on that feels difficult or challenging to accomplish.
2. Identify where you are on the quad model in relation to your project. Draw your square on the quad. Is it big or small? Where do you mostly reside on the quad?
3. Refer to the Team Performance Indicators: Productivity and Positivity Strengths, to identify what you need more or less of to accomplish your current project in a high/high mode.
4. Write down what you learned. What strengths were abundant or lacking. What can be changed easily in the moment?
5. Change it. Other items can be addressed over a longer time frame.
6. Choose a strength to embody right now and then step over the tape.

This exercise can be done in under 5 minutes. Let me know how it works for you!

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