How To Take This Course

taking-coursePlease note that each of the five Lessons in Understand and Access the Tools must be taken in order (sequentially).

Here is how you will move through each of the Lessons 1-5 to complete Understand and Access the Tools:

  • Start a Lesson (e.g., Lesson 1).
  • When you have completed the material in the lesson, click the COMPLETE LESSON button at the bottom to move to the next lesson (e.g., to move to Lesson 1.1).
  • Work through the material in that next lesson. Again click the COMPLETE LESSON button when you have completed the lesson.
  • When you have completed all lessons in a main lesson (e.g., 1-5) you will Test Your Knowledge at the end to move on to the next lesson (e.g., Lesson 2).
  • Do that for each of the lessons until you complete all of them within Lessons 1-5 and you will have completed Understand and Access the Tools!
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