Online Team Coaching Courses

Become a CTPC in 3 Simple Steps

Your journey to becoming a Certified Team Coaching Practitioner (CTPC) starts here. By taking each of the 3 courses below you'll acquire the training necessary to use our tools, and become well-equipped to improve the performance of the teams that you work with.


Step 1: Understand & Access The Tools

Our self-study, online course that you can take at your own pace and your own convenience. Any time. Anywhere.

Step 2: The Master Class

This online, experiential course emphasizes practice with team coaching skills and competencies using real team scenarios, and exercises you can use with teams based on the TCI team effectiveness model. The road to team coaching mastery awaits you here.

Step 3: Accelerated Learning

Jumpstart your progress with this compact 6-week course that combines self-study and group calls and provides you with a deeper understanding of the Team Diagnosticâ„¢ model and TCI methodology.

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