Solving the Engagement Puzzle with Teams. This works.

By Phillip Sandahl


With survey after survey, report after report, the same disturbing message gets pinned to the organizational bulletin board: employee engagement is at an all-time low. According to a Gallup survey only 35% of US managers are engaged in their jobs. Another study reports that 69% of employees believe engagement is a problem in their organization. Year after year the results are much the same. The data makes it clear there’s an issue. The good news? There is a way to effectively address this lack of engagement.

Start with a population size where you can actually create visible, measurable results— where you can build trust, improve communication, reduce stress and conflict, and develop the cohesion and commitment that transforms an organization. Start with a team. It’s an ideal seed. The conditions are ripe. The team has a common purpose and a compelling need to work collaboratively to achieve results. The everyday nature of working on a team makes it a perfect place to practice the kinds of interaction that build engagement.

Team Coaching International (TCI) offers the tools and support methodology to help teams dramatically improve engagement and be more productive as a result. We know this works because we have seen the evidence. We can share the success stories and show you the numbers. On average, teams using the TCI tools and methodology improve team performance measures by 20%.

Engaged teams are better at addressing issues early, faster at making decisions, more resilient in challenging times, more flexible in reacting to change. Team members rise to the challenge; they take pride in their team accomplishments. Team members ask more of themselves, are more committed to each other.

At TCI we help create highly engaged teams. The process is practical and proven—used by thousands of teams worldwide. This is an approach that will:

  • Increase trust and respect
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Create a more cohesive and aligned team

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